The First Free Black Town of the New World - listening


  • agriculture = farming

  • ancestor = member of your family who lived a long time ago

  • carve = to remove land from an area

  • cemetery = place where people are buried

  • century = a hundred years

  • chain = metal rings used to stop prisoners from escaping

  • cheer for = to want a team to win

  • community = people who live in a certain area or place

  • dense = here: with many trees and a lot of vegetation

  • descendant = someone who is related to a person who lived a long time ago

  • determination = willpower, if you really want to do something

  • establish = start; to make something new

  • fool = to trick someone into believing that something is true

  • found – founded = to start something new

  • heritage = culture

  • key = important

  • livestock = animals, like cows and sheep that are kept on a farm

  • port of entry = here: place where people enter a country by ship

  • preserve = hold up; continue to use

  • recipe = instructions to cook a meal or food

  • remarkably = extremely

  • resident = a person who lives in a town

  • sample = part of a song

  • venerate = honour , respect something old

  • World Heritage Site = place that the United Nations thinks is very important and must be saved

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