Robot Technology Years Away From Elderly Care

Although much progress has been made in the world of robotics , using robots to do household chores or care for the elderly may still be years away. At the moment , robots can do many tasks, but it just takes them too long to do them.


  • ageing = becoming older

  • all-in-one = here: a robot that can do basically everything

  • annual = yearly

  • bedridden = not able to leave your bed because you are old or ill

  • competition = event that tries to find out who is the best

  • consumer = people who buy things

  • crawling with them = here: you can see them everywhere

  • dexterity = skill and speed in doing something with your hands

  • elderly = older people

  • essential = something extremely  important or necessary

  • estimate = think

  • feed = here: put

  • fold = put together in an orderly way

  • footage = here: a short film

  • isolation = being alone

  • laundry = clothes that need to be washed or that just have been washed

  • majority = most of

  • patience = being able to wait for something without getting angry

  • proportion = part of something compared to the whole thing

  • remote = far away

  • robotics  = the study of how robots are made or used

  • sponsor = here: pay for an event

  • stroke = when a blood vessel  in your brain suddenly breaks open or becomes blocked so that people may die or not be able to use some muscles

  • task = job

  • variety = many different types of things

  • vehicle = car, bus etc..

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