Local Residents Opposed to US-Mexican Wall

In Big Bend , Texas , where Mexico and the United States meet , local residents are mostly opposed to building a wall to keep illegal immigrants from entering the United States . Rangers who work at the national park say that the terrain is very harsh and it is nearly impossible to build a wall in this area. On the other side, building such a wall would not only affect the environment but would also damage tourism, a major source of income for the region.


  • affect = have an impact on

  • arrest = to take someone to a police station because they may have done something that is against the law

  • bank = side of a river

  • battle = fight against

  • boundary = line between two countries

  • cliff = large area of rock or mountain that is very steep and falls to a river below

  • concrete = material that is made up of cement, stones, sand and water

  • crossing = to go from one side of the river to the other

  • disappointment  = setback , failure

  • edge = border

  • either side = both sides

  • electronic surveillance = machines and other electronic objects with which you can watch and control an area

  • encounter = meet

  • environment = the world around us

  • feasible = realistic, possible

  • ferry = boat that brings people from one place to another

  • firefighter = person who helps put out fires

  • gash = cut, line

  • harsh = rough

  • incredible = unbelievable

  • landscape = countryside

  • ludicrous = silly, foolish

  • migrant = person who leaves their country to go somewhere else

  • oppose = to be against something

  • park ranger = person who oversees a national park

  • patrol = guard, watch

  • permission = to be allowed to do something

  • popular = liked by many people

  • push = method

  • ranger = someone who looks after the countryside

  • resident = a person who lives in a place

  • retired = to be out of work because you are too old

  • savage = cruel, bad, wild

  • security = safety

  • sensitive = here: easily damaged or destroyed

  • sheer = steep

  • soil = land, ground

  • source of income = place from  which people get their money

  • straddling =  to go from one place to another

  • terrain = land

  • trace = move along

  • unanimously = everyone has agreed

  • unauthorized = illegal, not allowed

  • unfold = it shows itself

  • unforgiving = here: very extreme countryside

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