Hollywood Legend Zsa Zsa Gabor Dies at 99

One of the pioneers of the Golden Age of Hollywood, Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor died shortly before reaching her 100th birthday. The actress appeared in countless Hollywood films and several TV shows. She was also remembered for her 9 marriages.


  • amputation = cut off a part of your body

  • appear = to play a role in

  • attention = interest that people show

  • capture = get

  • confined = here: a place you have to stay and cannot leave

  • destined = seeming certain to happen sometime in the future

  • deteriorate = to become worse

  • epitome = the best possible example of something

  • feisty = strong character, energetic

  • glamour = beauty, style

  • global = worldwide

  • Golden Age of Hollywood = time between the beginnings of the film industry and the 1960s

  • Hungarian = from Hungary

  • lasting = permanent, for a long time

  • persona = character of a person

  • schooled = educated

  • silver screen = film industry

  • silver wedding anniversary = being married for 25 years

  • small screen = television

  • stardom = being a star

  • trailblazer = leader; someone who is the first

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