China's New Baby Boom

As China has given up is one-child policy  and is allowing families to have a second child , more and more parents are using frozen embryos to fulfil this wish. In many cases women have to undergo fertility treatment to have another child.


  • at an advantage = here: they have better chances than others

  • average = here: not too good and not too bad

  • blessing = here: something that happens with the help of God

  • conceive = when a woman becomes pregnant and expects a baby

  • desperate = if you really want to have something

  • embryo = an unborn baby

  • fall back on = here: to use

  • fertility treatment = you help a woman have a baby by  giving her special chemicals

  • fuss = excitement, attention

  • gift = present

  • immediately = at once

  • imminent = very soon

  • in-laws = the relatives you get when you marry

  • miracle = wonder

  • novelty = not usual, something new

  • one child policy = the government says that a family is only allowed to have one child

  • petridish = small flat plate, which scientists use for experiments

  • policy = the way  a country deals with a certain topic

  • thrilled = excited, very happy

  • ultrasound scan = you get a picture of something inside your body, by listening to sounds

  • viable = here: if they can survive

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