Bananas - The Green Gold of Angola

As money coming from oil has declined over the past years, Angola is trying to diversify its economy. Today the African country is producing more and more agricultural products of good quality. Farmers not only supply their own people but also sell products on the world market. Bananas are only one example that shows how the quality of Angolan products is increasing.


  • affordable = when you have enough money to buy something

  • agriculture = farming

  • annual = yearly

  • award = give a prize to someone

  • bottled water = water that is produced and sold in a bottle

  • certification = an official document that says you have produced something  of good quality

  • challenge = problem that you have to solve

  • civil war = conflict in which two or more groups from the same country fight against each other

  • competitive = trying hard to be more successful than others

  • consumer = a person who buys a product

  • contribute = to play a part in

  • credible = to be trusted

  • cultivation = farming

  • decade = ten years

  • distribution = here: to bring products to different places

  • diversification = here: to produce many different things so that you are not dependent on one product alone

  • domestic = in the country

  • due to = because of

  • embark = to start something which is especially difficult or exciting

  • employ = to give someone work

  • encourage = to make someone do what you want

  • entrepreneurial = to start a business that involves taking risks

  • facility = here: laboratory

  • food security = to produce enough food on your own

  • forefront = here: in a leading position, very important

  • funding = money

  • hinder = delay , be a problem for

  • immense = very large

  • indicator = sign

  • informal = natural, not so strict

  • infrastructure = the basic things that a country needs, like schools, roads , hospitals etc…

  • irrigation = to bring water to plants on dry land

  • logistics = the business of transporting things to where you need them

  • net importer = to import more than you export

  • nutritional = about the things in food that keep you healthy

  • objective = aim

  • ongoing = not finished

  • promote = here: to get people to buy products

  • public health = the health of all the people in a country

  • quota = the official limit on the number of products you can produce

  • remarkable = amazing, extraordinary

  • revenue = the money you get from selling a product

  • self-sufficiency = to produce the things you need without the help of others

  • significant = very important

  • sisal = tropical plant which is used for making ropes

  • stride = step, progress

  • sub-Saharan = the countries south of the Sahara desert

  • sugar cane = tropical plant used to produce sugar

  • supply = the amount that is produced

  • sustainable = to continue doing things without causing harm to nature or the environment

  • volume = amount

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