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7 differences between a Business English Coach and an English teacher.

1. What does an English teacher do?

An "English teacher" bestows knowledge, explains techniques, prompts students to use them, and makes corrections.

2. What does a Business English Coach do?

A "Business English Coach" encourages the “Prodigy” to find the solutions for themselves, challenging and encouraging in equal measure, but also willing to confront and address things that need the most improvement.

3. What is the relationship between the English teach and the student?

An "English teacher" is encouraged to teach the syllabus and course work, not the person.

4. What is relationship between the "Business English Coach" and client?

"Business English Coaching" starts with the individual. A great "Business English Coach" needs to know the person. A "English teacher" often can’t. Here at N.O.A we give every "Client" a DISC personality test, an accelerated Learning test and English placement test to clearly understand the Client's needs and goals and what is the best learning approach, method and environment for the "client" to learn to ensure they reach their goal.

5. An English teach's approach?

he "English teacher" teach the basic skills which builds a foundation for the student.

6. A "Business English Coach's" approach?

"Business English Coach" coaches the "client" to become a champion. This is a big focus for our clients as many of them are in management and need to have a expert level skill in their craft to go into their company and teacher/ coach others.

7. What being a "Business English coach" means at NOA

The "Business English Coach" makes interventions, guides, coaches, challenges, pushes, reminds, inspires and motivates.

As a result, being a "Business English Coach" is more challenging because it’s not information that you’re trying to learn, it’s not concepts that you’re trying to grasp, it’s changes to skills, belief and behavior – which requires the “client” to be ready to change and reach a new level of greatness.


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