Features & Benefits

Finally, a Collaboration Platform That Moves Your English Learning  Forward

All-In-One E-learning Platform

We out the method of using the 8 different types of accelerated learning, We have the full Learning experience. From notes to learning material and placement quizzes we will never need another learning platform. 

Simplifying the Complex 

We know how hard it can be to speak perfect English that is why we have created a simple system using NLP techniques to make learning faster and easier than ever. 

Business Learning for Work

Once you have perfected your everyday English, it is time to take your English to the next step and apply it to your career.  If you are a business owner or trying to get that perfect high salary job at an international company we have all the business skill lessons to take your career/ business to the next step. 

Integrate Your Current Learning 

If you are 5 or currently enrolled in a university, NOA's Cafe is a great complement to your current day-to-day learning.  We have 100s of lessons that can get you that "A" you desire in your English or business classes. 

Test Improvement Tracking 

We have a one-of-a-kind testing and tracking system after every video.  as soon as you finish a video session test your knowledge with our customer made quizzes and test. 

Accelerated learning  

Most people don't know but there are 8 different types of learners and each one learns at its best when the session is catered to them.  We use this method to increase your learning speed by 600%.  

There Is Something for Everyone

Start learning today!!