"NOA can't succeed unless the educator succeeds." 

- Founder 
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Specialized training 

and 100% support 

Behind NOA CAFE there is a team of dedicated professional with over 20 years of experience in developing and training talent.  Our team is here to support and train you to better improve your teaching skills, self branding ability and assist you in building your client base.  


You will have the opportunity to learn how to develop your teaching skills with our online course programs specialized for educators that comes with a certificate.  These programs allow you to become a specialist in different areas, giving you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from other teachers. 


For first time educators we will have beginner classes that will teach you the foundation on how to lesson prep, create courses, develop your students  and implement Accelerate learning and NLP into your program.  

Badge rating system 

and certificates 

At NOA, we know how hard it can be to develop a large client base.  So we have created a badge rewards program that rewards those educators that put in the effort to get connected with students.  

Our badge program is based on how much content that a educators post in our cafe lounge and how many followers they gain.  The more you post the more access to tools you will gain to build your student base and the higher your pay will become. 

We also offer certificates that lets your perspective students know the level of effort and hard work you are putting in to ensure you become the best educator for them.  

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Instant message students and promote your educator style

At NOA, we know from over 20 years of experience that the best way to develop a strong student base is to build lasting relationships with perspective students.  


We have integrated a fully functional interactive social media platform on NOA cafe.   

You will be able to instant message students directly, post samples of your teaching/coaching style, build followers and much more. 


unlike other online teaching platforms we give you more control to promote and connect with your current and future students.   

With NOA 

Become a educator today